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The Yoda Ate My Balls Homepage

"Mmm... Your balls, eat them I will."

Created by Patrick Gosch in 1996.
Imortalized in the annals of internet meme history.

You can download the comic as a single image with opaque background and title:
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History of Yoda Ate My Balls

The Yoda Ate My Balls Homepage was created on April 12th, 1996 by me, Patrick Gosch, when i was fifteen. It was of course inspired by The Mr. T Ate My Balls Homepage, the original "ate my balls" page. (you can find it on Archive.org Wayback Machine.) When I created The Yoda Ate My Balls Homepage it was only the third (after Mr T. and Ronald Regan) of what grew to be hundreds of pages in the "Ate My Balls" meme. It was one of the first memes on the internet, even predating All Your Base Are Belong To Us.

For a few years everything was awesome until some lamer complained to AOL (where I was hosting the site) that "ate my balls" was offensive and they suspended my account, deleting the user name and breaking all the web links to Yoda Ate My Balls Homepage. Sad face D:

The page was gone from the internet for over a year until I brought it back on my own domain at the hallucinaut.com in 2004, which was good until through unfortunate events I lost the hallucinaut.com domain and the site went offline again for many years.

Now in 2012 I noticed you can't even easily find copies of the comic by googling "yoda ate my balls" so I had to bring it back again so that this and future generations continue to derive great benefit from it.

And remember...

Acc0rding to digits this page has been visitedtimes sence July 3rd of 96. Boggles the mind, eh?